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You’re here, that’s great! Now, where to start? Posts are organized by subject matter below. You can find them ordered by most recent first under the Blog Feed link. Interested in casting spells? I suggest you start here. Crystals are more your style? This is a good place to start. Trying to master affirmations? You’ll want to start here. Looking for tips to unlock your intuition? Here you go! Ready to go all-in on a transformation package? You can find them here.

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“For all you know, a witch may be living next door to you right now.”

– Roald Dahl


  • Numerology
    Numerology was my gateway drug into witchcraft. Magical numbers that reveal who you are and what will happen to you? Sign me up!
  • Heart's Desire
    Your Heart’s Desire is calculated using the vowels of your full birth name.
  • One Life Path
    One is a number of first and foremost, independence! Solitary, “lone wolf,” self-focused. These are all ways to describe this number.
  • Two/Eleven Life Path
    Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. Oh, and did I mention relationships? Twos are people who need people. They can feel others emotions strongly.
  • Three Life Path
    Threes are the creators, they have a constant stream of new ideas they can’t wait to bring into reality… until reality sets in and then they move onto the next idea. They tend to be jovial, humorous and all around fun friends to have.


  • Tarot
    Reading tarot is easy to learn but difficult to master. One thing that I really want people to know is that what you get from the card is more important than its accepted meaning.
  • Voyager Deck
    This deck surprised me when I first opened it. I expected space and got… collages? It’s very unusual.
  • Celtic Cross
    Let’s talk about the Celtic Cross, the most famous Tarot spread. Let’s also talk about why I personally dislike it! I know, that’s a very shocking opinion to have. But bear with me, I have my reasons.
  • Minor Arcana
    The most important part of reading Tarot is your intuition, in my opinion. Nothing beats it! I have the best readings when I just spout off whatever pops into my head looking at the cards. But, it doesn’t hurt to have a foundation of the symbology. Especially if you ever feel a little stuck looking at a spread.
  • Interviewing a Deck
    It’s very important to interview your deck. Some will also tell you to cleanse it and sleep with it under your pillow for some length of time before you even pull cards. That’s a bit much in my opinion! But a good shuffle and an interview go a long way.


  • Runes
    Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet. Rune actually means mystery, secret or whisper! They date back to 100 B.C.E.
  • Odal
    Odal (or Othala) originated in the Elder Futhark, it is not contained in the Younger Futhark. It represents the “O” sound. It’s most strongly associated with inheritance, some of the laws it represented are still in place in Scandinavia today.
  • Amethyst Runes
    What could that mean? Ansuz represents Odin. That’s good, I guess! It means divine inspiration, well that’s definitely good.
  • Nauthiz
    Nauthiz (Naudiz) is the letter N (source). It literally translates to “not this.” Interesting. Is it trying to tell me I’m headed in the wrong direction?
  • Algiz
    Algiz (Elhaz) represents the letter Z, in a literal sense it means “elk.” It is also known to represent the Valkyrie, that’s pretty cool!


  • Crystals
    The energy from crystals is very powerful, especially after being charged under a full moon. You can carry one with you, use them in a spell, or just look at them because they’re so pretty.
  • Healing Crystals
    Have you been feeling run down, have a cough that won’t go away or a lingering migraine? Crystals may be the answer. There are many different kinds so it’s difficult to know where to start.
  • Vibrations
    Everything vibrates. Don’t believe me? Ask a physicist.
  • Amethyst
    Over the years, Amethyst has been believed to cure… just about everything! You’d be hard pressed to find an attribute that hasn’t been associated with this stone.
  • Quartz
    The most versatile of crystals, Quartz (also known as Chalcedony) can do amazing things for you. It happens to be one the most abundant minerals on the planet so it’s easy and inexpensive to find.


  • Astrology
    Your sun sign is who you are, your moon is how you feel inside and your rising sign is how you present yourself.
  • Mercury Retrograde
    You’ve probably been hearing all about Mercury lately and the problems this planet’s been causing. But do you know the reason behind it? If you’re lost, let me give you a crash course!
  • Houses
    The houses are kinda like a clock, starting with the first house which is associated with Aries.
  • Aries Season
    It’s my time of year! My birthday is in mid-April making me an Aries. If you’re also an Aries baby, you are probably feeling activated and empowered right now like I am.
  • The Universe does have a sense of humor
    How could anyone think that the all-knowing all-encompassing Universe would fail to understand humor? I was a bit horrified to be quite honest.


  • Spells
    Let’s talk about spell-work, shall we? This is probably the most misunderstood aspect of witchcraft and I’m here today to dispel some rumors. It’s not scary, it doesn’t have to be dark and it’s perfectly okay to not be comfortable with it!
  • Career Spell
    Lately I’ve been feeling stuck at my job, it’s fine but it doesn’t fulfill me the way I would like. And we can always use more money, right? So I thought a career spell for passion and prosperity would suit me very well.
  • Self-Love Spell
    We could all use a little more self-love, right? Even if you’re in a happy relationship, you may not have the best relationship with yourself! Let’s work on that.
  • Creativity Spell to reignite your imagination
    Writer’s block, the dreaded curse. I was feeling it this morning. Then it hit me, a creativity spell! Surely, that will get my imagination going.

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  • Laguz
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Runes. I’m so in love with this wooden set I got a bit ago. So I thought I’d pull one out and just start writing. So here’s Laguz.
  • How I became a Witch
    “I’m a witch.” It’s not something you hear very often, so I thought I’d go ahead and put it out there in case the title didn’t make it abundantly clear.
  • The Universe does have a sense of humor
    How could anyone think that the all-knowing all-encompassing Universe would fail to understand humor? I was a bit horrified to be quite honest.
  • Let’s talk about drugs
    Specifically DMT. It’s been found to exist naturally in the body but no one knows why. When ingested recreationally, it causes hallucinations that have earned it the title of “the psychic hormone.”

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