How did I get here?

I’ve always been a bit “witchy” for lack of a better word. Random premonitions, odd dreams, a fascination with astrology. I was always the “weird” kid. I discovered numerology as a teenager and became obsessed. I’d always loved numbers, so learning that there was a secret meaning behind them excited me to no end.

The one day I had my tarot cards read by a friend and I really started to get into it. I pulled 3 cards, class started so she put them back and we waited until after class. I shuffled the deck and pulled the same 3 cards. What are the odds of that?! They were so spot on to the situation I was in, at that moment I knew magic was real.

I didn’t start reading tarot until years later. Now I do readings for friends and strangers alike as well as pulling a daily card for myself. I love it, it is so rewarding when I can help shed light on a confusing situation for someone.

I’ve cast a few spells for myself and my husband, they’ve all worked well. I have a small altar with several sentimental objects. But I’d like to dig deeper. Learn more and uncover hidden secrets. I’ll be documenting everything as I dive more into Witchery.

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