Numerology was my gateway drug into witchcraft. Magical numbers that reveal who you are and what will happen to you? Sign me up! The first time I did a reading for myself, I cried. It summarized the previous ten years of my life so accurately that all I could do was cry and think, “I could have known this was going to happen? I could have prepared?”

And so the obsession continued, reading into every number I came across.

If you’re interested in getting started with numerology, I recommend summing up your life path number. It’s easy and tells you a good amount about yourself. Just add all the days of your birthday together. For example, 3-15-1997 adds up to 35, which then reduces to 8. If you get to an 11, 22 or 33, stop there. That’s a master number. Not everyone considers master numbers in numerology, but I think they’re important.

My favorite kind of number to sum up is personal year. It’s your birthday plus the year, so 3-15-2020 going with the previous example. Which reduces to 13 and then 4. Your personal year tells you a lot about where you are in your life story.

There are lots of other numbers, like soul urge and destiny. I recommend you look into all of them, but we’ll skip the details because it gets a lot more complicated when letters get involved.

Here’s a quick rundown of the mystery behind each number. Take some time to think about what your numbers say about you and where you’re at in life.

  • One
    • Independence, control, determination, willfulness
  • Two
    • Empathy, love, ethics, sharing
  • Three
    • Creativity, self-expression, amusement, talent
  • Four
    • Organization, discipline, selflessness, realism
  • Five
    • Inspiration, charm, spirit, free-thinking
  • Six
    • Helpfulness, curiosity, sensitivity, intelligence
  • Seven
    • Morals, truth, other-worldliness, aloofness
  • Eight
    • Pragmatism, balance, lushness, hunger
  • Nine
    • Kindness, wisdom, beauty, volunteerism
  • Eleven
    • two energy but more intense
  • Twenty-two
    • four energy but more intense
  • Thirty-three
    • six energy but more intense

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