I love doing readings for people. I’ve started doing them over Facebook and it’s crazy how intense they can be. You would think there’s too much distance but it feels like they’re right in front of me.

I got started with tarot a few years ago. The cards called to me for a long time before I finally answered. My first deck was a dragon deck. (https://www.tarot.com/tarot/decks/dragon)

I kept it in my purse for so long that the box it came in is completely worn through. It means a lot to me, but I rarely use it now.

When I do a reading for someone, I instinctively know which of my decks suits them, if I’m not sure I let them choose it.

Reading tarot is easy to learn but difficult to master. One thing that I really want people to know is that what you get from the card is more important than its accepted meaning. Looking up the symbolism is great, don’t get me wrong. But if a card “means” money is on the way and you get the feeling that a car wreck is imminent, your intuition knows the truth!

I recommend all beginners do two things. One, keep your spreads small. Three card spreads are the sweet spot for me and a past/present/future spread can reveal a lot. Two, go with your gut. Get everything you can from intuition alone before you start googling.

If you’re comfortable with the basic spreads and have a good connection with your deck; start making your own spreads! If you have a question, break it down. Then lay out the cards however they feel right with each one symbolizing a part of the question. Looking up spreads online is a lot of fun and definitely something you should do, but there’s something about a spread you create that’s just amazing.

Good luck with your readings!

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