The energy from crystals is very powerful, especially after being charged under a full moon. You can carry one with you, use them in a spell, or just look at them because they’re so pretty.

My favorite crystal:

Clear quartz crystal

I hold it in my hand every time I cast a spell and I sometimes keep it in my bra when I feel I need a little extra calmness in my day.

Different crystals have different properties, but the most important thing is choosing a stone that speaks to you. It will be much more effective if it chooses you.

Here’s a list of common crystals and their properties to get you started:

  • Agate: nourishment
  • Alexandrite: joy
  • Amazonite: harmony
  • Amber: well-being
  • Amethyst: protection
  • Aquamarine: communication
  • Aventurine: prosperity
  • Carnelian: confidence
  • Citrine: clarity
  • Diamond: power
  • Emerald: love
  • Garnet: healing
  • Hematite: intellect
  • Jade: spirituality
  • Jasper: energy
  • Labradorite: intuition
  • Lapis Lazuli: truth
  • Moonstone: patience
  • Obsidian: purification
  • Onyx: discipline
  • Opal: strength
  • Pearl: beauty
  • Peridot: abundance
  • Quartz: amplification
  • Rose Quartz: affection
  • Ruby: courage
  • Sapphire: focus
  • Sodalite: insight
  • Tigers Eye: balance
  • Topaz: luxury
  • Tourmaline: detoxification
  • Turquoise: feminine

The next time you are out shopping for crystals, hold them in your hand and see how it feels. Does one catch your eye and you just can’t look away? If you need to buy them online, that’s okay! Just try to buy them in bulk and once you get them, see which ones stand out to you.

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