I am an Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon and Capricorn Ascendant (also known as Rising). This makes for an interesting combination! Your sun sign is who you are, your moon is how you feel inside and your rising sign is how you present yourself. With this mix, I am very determined and headstrong. I have an obsession with achievement, I need goals at all times.

You probably know your sun sign, but have you calculated your moon and rising sign?

There are a ton of natal chart calculators online, but personally I really like https://cafeastrology.com/, it’s free and it gives you a lot of information.

Here’s a short summary of each of the signs. Think about how each sign can be reflected in either the Sun, Moon or Rising signs.

  • Aries – Fire: Stubborn, dynamic, forceful
  • Taurus – Earth: Family-oriented, strong, defensive
  • Gemini – Air: Talkative, lively, dual-personality
  • Cancer – Water: Protective, loyal, aloof
  • Leo – Fire: Proud, confident, enthusiastic
  • Virgo – Earth: Introspective, organized, analytical
  • Libra – Air: Diplomatic, friendly, wise
  • Scorpio – Water: Passionate, clever, jovial
  • Sagittarius – Fire: Funny, generous, adventurous
  • Capricorn – Earth: Goal-oriented, guarded, practical
  • Aquarius – Air: Assertive, independent, calculating
  • Pisces – Water: Sensitive, intelligent, quirky

The meaning behind each sign will vary depending on where you look. You may find some sources that describe you perfectly, while others seem a little off. This is because people are complex! And these descriptions tend to be based off the author’s personal experiences with each sign. Take everything with a grain of salt and have fun with it.

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