Mercury Retrograde

You’ve probably been hearing all about Mercury lately and the problems this planet’s been causing. But do you know the reason behind it? If you’re lost, let me give you a crash course!

Let’s start with Retrograde, what does that mean? Basically, it’s when a planet appears to move backward in its orbit. I say “appears” because it’s an optical illusion. The planet’s orbit is unchanged, it just looks backward from Earth’s perspective.

Why does this happen? It’s due to the Earth being closer than usual to the other planet. This closeness distorts the appearance of the planet’s orbit.

Now for Mercury, what’s his deal? The planet is named after the Roman God Mercury, who is based on the Greek God Hermes. Hermes is the God of travel, among other things. He is the messenger between the other Gods and humans. Hermes is known for being clever and mischievous.

Mercury or Mercurius (Latin) is the Roman God of shopkeepers, travel and tricksters.

The planet has come to represent all these things, but most importantly communication. During the retrograde, we Earthlings feel the backward effect of Mercury. You may notice that you have trouble communicating during this time, like everyone around you is misunderstanding you.

The retrograde has a backward effect on everything Mercury symbolizes, but also time itself. That’s why people from your past often reappear during this time.

Try not to let the retrograde get into your head! Some will advise you not to sign important documents or get into relationships at this time. But it’s okay if it happens, just be self-aware. Questions your motives and think through any major decisions. This is good advice for any time, but especially during a retrograde!

If this retrograde is hitting you especially hard, just know that it won’t last forever.

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