Let’s talk about spell-work, shall we? This is probably the most misunderstood aspect of witchcraft and I’m here today to dispel some rumors. It’s not scary, it doesn’t have to be dark and it’s perfectly okay to not be comfortable with it!

Rumor One: You have to cast spells as a witch

No, you don’t! It’s perfectly okay to consider yourself a witch without casting a single spell. Maybe you’re into tarot or crystals or you just feel really drawn to nature. If you feel like a witch, you’re a witch.

Rumor Two: Spells involve worshiping the devil

For some witches, Lucifer can definitely be involved and I respect that. But most witches don’t worship the devil, a lot of them don’t even believe he exists. There’s nothing innately evil about spells, it’s completely up to you to determine the nature of it.

Rumor Three: Hexes are bad

I don’t personally cast negative spells. I’m just not in a place in life where that feels necessary. But if you are, that’s okay! These are your powers, use them as you see fit. Just make sure you consider karma and protect yourself.

Rumor Four: Men aren’t as magical

This isn’t a spell-specific rumor but I just wanted to address it. Everyone has the potential to be a witch, everyone. It doesn’t matter what you identify as, as long as you feel the pull toward witchcraft. Some are going to be naturally stronger in the craft and that’s okay! You will get there if you want to.

Are there any other rumors you think I should address? Leave comments below if you think I’m missing anything. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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