Heart's Desire

Numerology gets a little more complicated when you start taking into account the letters of your name. Personally, I think the date you were born says more about you because you chose it. But the name your parents gave you can tell you a lot as well. It tells you their hopes and dreams for you.

Your Heart’s Desire is calculated using the vowels of your full birth name. For example; Jane Marie Doe becomes (A)1 + (E)5 + (A)1 + (I)9 + (E)5 + (O)6 + (E)5 = 3 + 2 = 5. You can use the chart below to calculate your own number.

While it may sound like your Heart’s Desire is solely love related, it can also show you what you want out of life in general. Here’s a short summary of each number and what it signifies:

  • One: Independence, leadership, intelligence
  • Two: Relationships, contentment, friendships
  • Three: Happiness, humor, creativity
  • Four: Stability, career success, answers
  • Five: Adventure, communication, socialization
  • Six: Nurturing, understanding, family
  • Seven: Mystery, challenges, facts
  • Eight: Satisfaction, money, respect
  • Nine: Influence, perfection, peace
  • Eleven: More intense version of two
  • Twenty-two: More intense version of four
  • Thirty-three: More intense version of six

I hope this helps you find what you’re looking for, happy readings!

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