Everything vibrates. Don’t believe me? Ask a physicist. Crystals were discovered to have useful vibrations during a study.

“These atomic vibrations are regimented and discrete, meaning they divide across specific frequencies,” Zhu said. “We call vibrations with specific frequencies ‘phonons,’ and their interactions with flowing electrons were our target.”


Phonons have specific frequencies that can be used to interact with electrons in different ways, some disperse heat while others amplify it.

This experiment was done with the intent of developing quantum computers, but the conclusion is relevant here; crystals are powerful!

So how can you use these vibrations? Scientists are interested in the photons that disperse heat, leading to more powerful and cooler running processors. But for us, we want to generate heat. This effect can be seen by holding a crystal in your hand, you’ll feel a warmth radiating from it. That’s the crystal picking up on your energy and amplifying it.

So now you have generated heat, what do you do with it? You need to absorb it. That’s why wearing crystals is so powerful. By keeping a crystal in contact with your skin, you can sync your own vibrations to that of the crystal. Whatever properties the crystal holds will be manifested in your life.

So what kind of crystal do you need? Personally, I feel it’s whatever you’re drawn to. It’s best to buy crystals in person, so that you can feel their energy. But if you need to buy them online, that’s okay too! Just try to buy them in bulk so that you can pick out the ones that really speak to you.

If no crystals are speaking to you, your energy may be very low. A clear quartz will help with that. Keep it on you as often as possible. It will amplify your energy and help to ward off negativity. Once you feel the effects, other crystals will start reaching out to you.

For more specific information about the effects of each crystal, check out this post: Healing Crystals

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