One Life Path

I’m starting a Numerology series on personality types and it would be a bit remiss were I not to start with one, so here we go.

One is a number of first and foremost, independence! Solitary, “lone wolf,” self-focused. These are all ways to describe this number. But it is also a number and strength and free-thinking. One does not meekly accept fate, it embraces it and then wrestles it to its knees.

Don’t think that Ones are always alone, not at all. They tend to be leaders, with a commanding presence that can make others nervous or inspired, depending on the goal. Ones have a way of framing things that command others to sit up and take notice. Visionary, entrepreneur, prophet. These can all describe a One.

In business, Ones have a hard time playing by the rules and going with the flow, they tend to buck the system. Owning a small business, freelancing and management are all good options. It can be any field, just so long as they are passionate about it and motivated to succeed. Ones like a challenge, so a predictable job would be a bore.

In love, Ones are very charming, attracting partners easily. It’s keeping their attention that proves difficult. Craving change, a One can have a hard time remaining faithful. The One life path needs to be with someone who can keep them on their toes. Sevens are a great match due to their mysterious nature.

Family is not hugely important to a One. Of course they love them, but their goal in life is not to start a family, it’s to succeed and acquire wealth. A One needs stimulating conversation and families often discuss the same stories repeatedly, much to One’s chagrin.

The downside to a One is arrogance and a failure to see the negative aspects of a new venture. They may walk right into dangerous situations due to their belief that they are unbeatable. Ones often have a difficult time maintaining friendships, due to their tendency to tire of the same situations and people. They may romanticize situations, failing to see the cold hard reality that is obvious to more practical numbers.

The number they are at most at odds with is six. Sixes are selfless and can easily be taken advantage of by a One without even realizing it.

Advice for Ones: Keep yourself grounded. Hematite is a great crystal to keep on you. Try to see all sides of a situation, stop and think before you jump in. Continue to work on yourself and your leadership abilities and you will thrive.

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