Amethyst Runes

Someone recently told me that my Crown Chakra is out of alignment. Obviously, I freaked out. I bought an amethyst point and Googled like a woman possessed. I was also drawn to an amethyst set of runes. So I picked them up, thinking maybe they could tell me how to clean up my chakra.

This inspired me to look into rune layouts. So here they are!

First, I pulled a single rune and asked how these runes and I will get along. I pulled Isa. Interestingly, its original interpretation is “ice.” Will the runes be cold to me? That seemed a bit too literal so I dug deeper (rune meanings). It would seem that it means I need to meditate while using the runes, makes sense.

Focusing on trying to meditate while pulling the stones, I started a second layout, the Past/Present/Future (rune layouts). Finally, something familiar! This should be easy to interpret, right?

Not so much.
  • Past: Ansuz
  • Present: Dagaz
  • Future: Kenaz

What could that mean? Ansuz represents Odin. That’s good, I guess! It means divine inspiration, well that’s definitely good. Something in my past lead me to where I am through divine inspiration, that makes a lot of sense.

Dagaz means “day.” Well, today is a day… accurate so far. I looked further into it and it represents realization, something new beginning. That definitely fits. This is just the start of my experience with runes and I have a lot of new developments going on right now.

Kenaz is “torch” and I think I’d rather avoid the literal interpretation! More generally, it represents the quest for knowledge. That’s definitely in my future so I think this reading was pretty spot-on!

Next up is the Five Rune Cross. I’ll need a question. “How can I improve my rune interpretations?”

Starting at the bottom, clock-wise 1:4, 5 is center
  • Basic influences: Ansuz
  • Obstacles: Nauthiz
  • Beneficial processes: Thurisaz
  • Possible outcome: Raidho
  • All future influences: Perthro

Odin again, interesting! I suppose he’s been influencing me to get to where I am. That’s pretty cool. I’m taking this as a very good sign!

My obstacle is resistance. Hmm, I can see that. I’ve been hesitant with runes because I prefer reading Tarot cards with a lot of imagery, the ones with more simplistic images are difficult for me. Runes are about as simplistic as you can get and that intimidates me a little.

Enthusiasm and self-empowerment are some beneficial processes for me. I would say that’s pretty universally true! I do need to get more excited about reading runes. And self-empowerment is always something I could work on.

A ride is my personal outcome? Interesting, I hope I’m not moving again any time soon! It can also mean taking action and common sense. That certainly sounds a lot better. I’m taking this to mean I will take charge of my destiny going forward.

The future influences of my experience with the runes is… fate? That’s a bit intimidating! I supposed I was destined to start working with them. This is a rune that can go either way, hopefully it will be for the good.

Since Odin keeps coming up, Odin’s Nine seems like the best layout to wrap things up. I’ll need a question for this one as well. “How can I continue to grow in my abilities?”

Left to right: past, present, future, powers. Read bottom to top.
  • Past Factors
    • Questioner’s attitude: Isa
    • Hidden influences: Perthro
  • Present Forces
    • Questioner’s attitude: Raidho
    • Hidden influences: Algiz
  • Future Outcomes
    • Questioner’s attitude: Laguz
    • Hidden influences: Uruz
  • Powers
    • Have or Need (future): Dagaz
    • Have or Need (present): Eihwaz
    • Have or Need (past): Berkano

There’s a lot to unpack here! In the past, fate has influenced me and my response has been to let it happen. A sort of “don’t worry be happy” attitude. I would agree with this, I tend to go with the flow.

In the present, these two runes together translate to “Ride of the Valyries!” Wow. I’m on a journey and I’m being secretly influenced by divine intervention. That’s pretty cool.

Future, my health will influence my emotions. That’s a bit concerning. But better to know, than to not know is how I see it!

Now for powers, this is interesting. In the past I’ve needed and acquired wisdom and maturity. That’s certainly true. Presently, I need… immortality? This rune represents Yggdrasil – the world tree, from which Odin (possibly) hung. What is he trying to tell me here? Maybe to connect with nature, that’s something I could stand to do more often. In the future I will have a new awakening, looking forward to it!

Hopefully this will help you to get started with runes if you’re just getting into it. And if you’re more experienced with them, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my interpretations!

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