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I haven’t made a spell in a while, I don’t do it often. I try to keep them very open-ended, let The Universe fill in the blanks in whatever way it wishes. Some witches can be very specific and get great results, which I admire. But for me, I like the surprise.

I’m going to detail the steps I’m taking below. Feel free to try it out for yourself, but remember to trust your intuition! If something feels off to you, do it your way. And if you do try it, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck at my job, it’s fine but it doesn’t fulfill me the way I would like. And we can always use more money, right? So I thought a career spell for passion and prosperity would suit me very well.

Spell for Career: Passion and Prosperity

What you’ll need:

  • Green candle
  • Bayberry bark
  • Passionflower (dried)
  • Green Aventurine stones
  • Small bag (preferably green)
  • Chinese money turtle (optional)
  • Mortar and pestle (optional)

I ordered everything but the candles, mortar and pestle and bag from Plentiful Earth (link). The candles and bag came from Amazon, the mortar and pestle from Target. The turtle is not really a part of the spell, I just wanted it there while I cast it so I would consider it optional. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle (mine was only $5 from Target!) then feel free to skip that step.

I started by lighting the candle. I then combined the flowers and bark in the mortar and pestle, grinding them together until it felt right. I poured them into my chalice. I chose a few Aventurine stones that felt right to me and added them to the chalice.

Bayberry, passionflower, aventurine and candle wax in a chalice

This is where you can really change things up and use your intuition. Do what feels right. I like to take a feather and swish it back and forth over the chalice and the candle. I sometimes drip a bit of candle wax over the objects in the chalice. I also keep my favorite crystal in left hand as I do all of this. I stare into my crystal ball and think about what I want from the spell. Sometimes I continue until the candle is completely melted, other times I stop when it feels done. In this case, I let the candle finish.

Do you see anything in the wax?

Once the ceremony is complete, I ring a small bell then I put everything from my chalice into a small bag along with the leftover candle wax. This completed spell stays on me, usually in a purse or backpack. But again, do what feels right. Maybe it wants to live in your bedside table, let your intuition guide you.

Adorable bag holding a spell

Happy spell casting!

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