Two/Eleven Life Path

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. Oh, and did I mention relationships? Twos are people who need people. They can feel others emotions strongly. If you’re an Eleven life path, that master number implies magical ability so there’s a good chance you are an empath.
*Everything applies to Eleven, but I will be using “Two” from here on out.

Twos are social creatures, craving understanding and affection. They are most at ease around those they hold dear, they’re not to the type to keep to themselves. Very loyal, once a Two has bonded to you… don’t expect to lose them any time soon.

In business, Twos make excellent mediators, psychologists and ambassadors. They are able to find peace and harmony in even the most chaotic situations. But they get easily frustrated in negative environments so something like law would not suit them.

There’s nothing better than being loved by an Two. You’ll feel comforted and taken care of, at all times. The likelihood of infidelity is very low. All a Two really wants is someone to love them as wholeheartedly as they love. Six is a good match to Two, as they are both sensitive and loving.

Family is important to Twos, they are the ones keeping arguments at the dinner table from flaring up. Consummate peacekeepers, they will say anything to get tranquility back. When someone does them wrong, they will forgive but never forget.

The downside to Two is their inability to take criticism and their tendency to see things in black or white, they have a hard time with grey areas. They can also let love blind them to negative aspects of their partnerships, continuing to work on relationships they’re better off letting go.

The number they are most at odds with is Seven. Sevens are aloof and difficult to understand, they will drive a Two crazy.

Advice for Twos: Work on yourself, practice self-care. Don’t let your identity become wrapped up in your partner. Use your natural abilities to bring peace to every situation lead you down the right path and you will really shine.

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