Still on a quest to clear my Crown Chakra, I have not stopped buying Amethyst crystals! Check out my latest addition.

Large Amethyst crystal
Beautiful Amethyst

Gorgeous, right? I felt an amazing warmth when I hovered my hand over it in the store, I knew I had to take it home.

All this Amethyst hoarding has made me wonder exactly what I’m doing with these pretty rocks! So I thought I’d take a deep dive into the history and some legends as well.

It turns out Amethyst is actually a purple form of quartz! I had always thought of it as its own thing, so this surprised me. While you can get it relatively inexpensively today, it used to be much more rare and was prized for its beautiful violet hue. Since this color had long been associated with royalty, it’s no surprise that those in the upper echelons wanted a piece of it for themselves.

The origins of its name are even more surprising than its close relationship to quartz. Turns out the Greeks and Romans believed that it could cure drunkenness so they named it Amethystos which literally translates to “not intoxicated.” It was believed that wearing a chunk of it would keep you sober, no matter how much you imbibed!

Over the years, Amethyst has been believed to cure… just about everything! You’d be hard pressed to find an attribute that hasn’t been associated with this stone.

It’s believed that Amethyst is linked to the Crown Chakra because they are both purple. But that’s not the only reason, the calming effect of the crystal has a wonderful effect on your ability to connect with the divine. It is only through a deep calm that we can become conduits for spirit.

Due to the fact that its actually quartz, it has an amplification effect. Try meditating with an Amethyst close-by and you will really notice a difference! On top of all the healing and spiritual effects, it also happens to be beautiful to look at. If you’re just getting into crystals, Amethyst is definitely a stone you will want to pick up next. Fortunately, they are usually pretty reasonably priced but be sure to shop around!

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