Three Life Path

This is a difficult one for me to write, as it is my own life path. I will do my best to be impartial! Though Threes are pretty great, I’m just saying.

Threes are the creators, they have a constant stream of new ideas they can’t wait to bring into reality… until reality sets in and then they move onto the next idea. They tend to be jovial, humorous and all around fun friends to have. You can bring about a smile from anyone, even on their worst day.

You know how to take criticism without internalizing it. Threes have a strong sense of self and healthy confidence. They do tend to romanticize situations, so that is something to be aware of.

In business, a Three thrives in an open-minded environment. Somewhere they can express their ideas freely and experiment. An artist is an obvious choice, acting is also a good option. But less obvious is engineering or sales, really anything they feel a passion for.

In love, a Three is a definite romantic. They will think of new ways to surprise you and show affection. They can get bored so a spontaneous partner is a great match, especially a Five life path.

Family is important to a Three, but friends are equally so. Threes thrive in supportive environments, but can shut down when they’re creativity is suppressed. If you have a Three in your life, try to always encourage their ideas, no matter how silly.

The downside to a Three is that they do feel very deeply, so when they are in a negative head-space, it can be intense. You might feel like there’s no hope. But Threes also recover quickly! Threes have a tendency to not start what they finish. Threes may also come across as being incapable of being serious, they’re the type to crack a joke at the worst possible moment.

The number they are most at odds with is four. Ironically, the influence of a Four in their life can be immensely helpful in getting them to realize their visions but they will fight it the entire time.

Advice for Threes: Don’t hinder your own self-expression, even if you’ve been put down for it in the past. You have a sense of wonder about the world and it should be encouraged. Just don’t get so wrapped up in new ideas that you forget to take care of the mundane tasks of life.

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