Four/Twenty-two Life Path

Fours are the work horses of numerology, they put their all into everything they do. They stay organized easily. A four knows how to get things done, they will plan and execute their vision. But sometimes they need others to give them ideas. They communicate well, easily expressing complex ideas simply. Twenty-two life paths are very intuitive, they can communicate their messages without words.
*Everything applies to Twenty-two, but I will be using “Four” from here on out.

Craving stability, a Four is not likely to move often. They are most at ease when they can plant roots. They tend to be serious in nature, preferring deep discussions to small talk. No lover of criticism, the Four life path prefers gentle coaxing.

In business, Fours are the co-worker you want. Always willing to put in the time, maybe even too much time. They are excellent teachers, patient and clear in their explanations. They tend to stay at the same job for long periods of time, a new career would be a daunting prospect to a Four.

In love, Fours are stable and loving. They will want to settle down quickly, preferring to stay at home and talk rather than go out dancing. A great match is an Eight. They will understand each other’s want to succeed and work hard.

With family, Fours tend to bond tightly and forever. They respect their elders and enjoy the company of children. A Four will work hard to keep their family together. Distance is not something they’re comfortable with.

The downsides to a Four are they’re tendency to overwork themselves, not satisfied with anything less than perfection, they can be too harsh on themselves. They’re so goal-oriented that they can sometimes alienate themselves from others and come across as a loaner.

Advice for Fours: Just because something is new and uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Step out of your comfort zone! Don’t hide behind your intellect, let others see the real you.

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