Voyager Deck

This deck surprised me when I first opened it. I expected space and got… collages? It’s very unusual. I shuffled it thoroughly as I always do. Then it sat on a shelf for weeks. Suddenly today, it reached out to me! I just had to do a reading with it.

So, I asked the cards the same questions I do whenever I am getting to know a new deck.

  • How will we get along?
  • What can you teach me?
  • What do you want me to know?
The Hermit, Three of Cups, Four of Wands
Introduction Spread

How will we get along? The hands show me that we will get along well. I get the feeling that this deck will be kind but truthful.

What can you teach me? This makes me feel like it will teach me to be more open and connect with spirit.

What do you want me to know? Wow! This is an intense card. I get the feeling this deck wants me to open up and do it immediately.

I am getting such a good feeling from this deck. I never expected that! I think I will try to use it more often in readings going forward. Have you used the Voyager deck? Post your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

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