Five Life Path

Fives are the adventurers, they can’t stand to be tied to one place. They’re charming but fickle, they steal hearts easily. The love new people and new situations. Travel and relocating to distant cities does not scare them. Risk takers. They’re not ones to sit at home.

Very persuasive, they can inspire a room of people easily. They are often at the center of conversations. Fives are resilient, no matter how many times they get knocked down they will always get back up!

In business, Fives have a hard time committing to one career. They need something new everyday, repetition is smothering. Because of their persuasive nature and love of a challenge, real estate is a natural fit. They also make excellent life coaches.

A Five is easy to love but hard to keep around. They need constant stimulation and excitement, someone to keep them on their toes. But at the same time, they need stability to bring out their best side. A Nine is a great match, they have a lot of wisdom to share and endless patience.

Family is not the Five’s main priority. They love them but prefer to keep them at a distance. The last thing they want is someone telling them how to live their life! They’re often seen as the black sheep.

The downsides to a Five are their tendency to get wrapped up in imagination. Sometimes they seek things that are right in front of them but they just don’t see it. They need someone to keep them grounded. They can be a little callous with others’ emotions.

Advice for Fives: Don’t fear commitment. Keep your energy up with self-care. Use your adventurous nature to your advantage! Keep the company of those who understand you and let you thrive.

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