There is so much to dig into when it comes to Astrology. For a long time, all I knew was my own sign and its basic description. Lately, I’ve been wanting to know more. Let’s learn a little about each house and what it represents.

The houses are kinda like a clock, starting with the first house which is associated with Aries.

  • 1st House (Rising Sign) – Aries: Strength and Weakness
  • 2nd House – Taurus: Good and Bad Habits
  • 3rd House – Gemini: Communication and Intelligence
  • 4th House – Cancer: Parents and Personal Life
  • 5th House – Leo: Inner Child and Emotions
  • 6th House – Virgo: Health and Career
  • 7th House – Libra: Relationships and Balance
  • 8th House – Scorpio: Fears and Limitations
  • 9th House – Sagittarius: Knowledge and Philosophy
  • 10th House (MidHeaven) – Capricorn: Dreams and Legacy
  • 11th House – Aquarius: Spirituality and Friendship
  • 12th House – Pisces: Subconscious and Inadequacy

So now we have this information, what the heck do we do with it? Generate a natal report to see what signs are in which houses for you. Here’s some examples:

Leo in the Eighth House? You probably fear letting go of control. You want to dominate everything. You tend to challenge authority.

Aries in the Third House? You have a hard time keeping your thoughts to yourself, you speak without thinking! You have a passion for knowledge and always want to be the smartest person in the room.

I think each house deserves its own entry so I’ll start that later in the week, beginning with the First House. Please leave any suggestions in the comment box below!

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