Six/Thirty-Three Life Path

Sixes are some of the nicest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. They are the care takers. They will make you feel comforted and at home. Sixes need to be careful not to be taken advantage of, as their caring nature can lead them to be doormats. Thirty-Threes have a strong intuitive sense and magical ability, they have a great deal of ability to influence the emotions of others.
*Everything applies to Thirty-three, but I will be using “Six” from here on out.

Highly sensitive, they do not take criticism lightly. If you hurt a six, they will forgive but they won’t forget. They have a tendency to let their identities be wrapped up in those they care about. Wanting to save everyone, they forget to take time for themselves.

In business, Sixes are likely to stay at the same job for a long time, feeling committed to the company they work for. They will do best in an environment where they feel they’re doing their best to help the world. Social work is a great career path for a Six.

In love, a Six will always be there for you. But they might smother you a bit. Wanting to help, they often overstep. Sixes tend to be physically attractive so they find partners easily, but they may find that they want more commitment than they’re getting. A natural match is a Two Life Path. You’re both relationship focused and can communicate without words.

Family is of the utmost importance to a Six. They will most likely be close to their parents and eager to start their own families. Doting on their children, they may be “helicopter parents.” If they don’t have children, they are the friend everyone turns to when they’re down.

Downsides to the Six Life Path. Tendency to put a lot of pressure on others, may make you feel like you’ve failed to meet standards you didn’t even know were in place. Sixes love hard and are devastated when a relationship ends. They may have a hard time establishing who they are outside of their loved ones.

Advice for Sixes: Get to know you! Practice self-love. Start an independent hobby. Don’t let anyone walk all over you.

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