This little rune has been following me around lately, so let’s see what it has to say!

ᚾ Nauthiz (Naudiz) is the letter N (source). It literally translates to “not this.” Interesting. Is it trying to tell me I’m headed in the wrong direction?

This is a very confusing rune! It can also mean hard work, need, resistance and drama. It emphasizes self-reliance. That seems like the key! I see it as a combination of “not this” and “self-reliance” as if the rune is telling me to depend on other people.

Lately, I’ve been branching out and trying to network. It’s been going really well and I do think that’s the trick to getting where I want to be with my business aspirations.

A rune resembling a cross
Nauthiz rune

But maybe I’m being too optimistic. Maybe the rune is a warning that someone I’m relying on is well… unreliable! I’ll have to keep my eyes open, especially if this keeps popping up.

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