Seven Life Path

Sevens are aloof, alien and dreamy. They will confuse the heck out of most people! They tend to be deeply spiritual and mature beyond their years. They tend to not “fit in” and march to the beat of their own drummer.

A Seven is fun to be around as long as you “get” them and their sometimes odd behavior. With a thirst for knowledge, Sevens are always searching to find the truth. Whether it be through science or spirituality, a Seven is always reaching to know more. Sevens are an odd combination of dreamy and grounded, they aim high but still know how to be realistic.

In business, a Seven makes an excellent analyst or scientist because they tend to be intelligent and enjoy research. They can also do well running their own company as they have the ability to be realistic as well as ambitious.

In love, a Seven is… complicated. They are easy to love, women especially tend to fall into the “manic pixie dream girl” archetype. But difficult to really get to know, you won’t always know where you stand with a Seven. They will happily tell you, it just won’t make much sense! A great match is a Three life path, they are most likely to understand where a Seven is coming from as they are highly creative.

Family is not that important to a Seven. They may not have interest in having their own, they’re too worried about living their own life. They may be distant from their parents, always feeling misunderstood. The relationship might be especially strained if the parent is an even life path number.

Disadvantages to Sevens are their tendency to isolate themselves. Lacking people who understand them, they can become resentful. They are a tough nut to crack, emotions are highly guarded. They may also worry too much about the world at large, failing to see what’s right in front of them.

Advice for Sevens: Find your tribe! You may not know it, but you need people. You need understanding and nurturing, you will really blossom once you find it. Don’t ignore your spiritual side, even an atheist can have a relationship with the Universe if you’re willing to keep an open mind.

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