Eight Life Path

Eights are some of the strongest people you will ever meet. They manage businesses with perfect acumen. They keep their personal lives well in hand. They seem to be able to do it all. As an Eight, you might not relate to this yet. But you will get there. The path is treacherous and filled with lessons but there is an end in sight.

In their youth, Eights tend to have a problem with authority, then later in life they become the authority. Ethics are important for an Eight, they tend to get caught if acting underhanded so they will be happiest leading a fair and just life.

In business, an Eight is a natural leader so you’re likely to see them as a CEO or Vice President. Running their own small business is also a great option. But they don’t do well in lower rung positions, they need some authority to feel satisfied. They make excellent police officers.

In love, an Eight can be difficult to read. They often pretend everything is fine and then suddenly spring all of their emotions onto an unsuspecting target. Infidelity is a big issue for Eights as they have such a strong sense of justice, they won’t be able to forgive. Fours are a great match, as their work ethics align beautifully with an Eight life path.

Family is important to an Eight, but they tend to have difficult childhoods. They may have felt victimized by their parents and grow up to resent them. If they have children, they will go out of their way to be good to them but still maintain discipline. If not, they tend to parent everyone as they get older.

Disadvantages to an Eight life path include the difficult road it will be to get where they need to be. Youth is rarely easy and carefree for them. They will need a strong sense of self to make it through. A tendency to be controlling, Eights need to work on themselves rather than getting worked up about what everyone in their life is doing.

Advice for Eights: Love yourself, forgive those who have hurt you. Move on. Use your sense of justice for good. Don’t be afraid to show your softer side, you’ll find it very rewarding when you do.

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