Another day, another rune. Let’s see what there is to know about this one!

ᛉ Algiz (Elhaz) represents the letter Z, in a literal sense it means “elk.” It is also known to represent the Valkyrie, that’s pretty cool!

Algiz rune

It denotes divinity and connecting to your higher self. This is a rune of intuition and inner spirit. It also represents a connection to the Gods. Which is very interesting because that is something I have been working on.

Ever since the runes revealed Odin has played a part in getting me to where I am, I’ve been eager to work with him. The messages I’ve gotten have been interesting. Mostly that I need to trust my intuition and “turn off” my logical brain. Easier said than done!

Algiz can also represent banishing the fear of death. A pretty timely message considering all that is going on in the world right now.

The more I look at this rune the more I can’t help noticing how much it looks like a chicken foot. There doesn’t seem to be any connection with chickens though, maybe that is intended to represent the elk’s antlers? Either way, it gives me a feeling of groundedness. Which is completely opposite what it’s supposed to represent. Interesting how that can be.

It’s also known as a protective amulet, it can help you to commune with spirit safely. Not a bad idea to wear one if you’re opening yourself up to the divine!

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