Nine Life Path

The “old soul,” a Nine life path will make you feel comforted and understood. Nines tend to have had many past lives. They have a certain wisdom, even from a young age. They look for beauty in everything.

A Nine is the type to find what looks like trash to someone else and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. As humanitarians, they can’t stand to see someone suffering. They are the type to give you the shirt off their back if you need it.

In business, a Nine needs to feel inspired by what they do. Artist, philanthropist, musician. These are all great options. Just make sure you’re pursuing your passion and not just working for the weekend, otherwise you will feel an emptiness that you can’t quite place.

In love, a Nine loves deeply but takes a long time to get there. They’ve been burned before. It it unlikely to be an immediate commitment, but once they get there, they’re in it for life. A Nine will help you to reach your potential, as they are inspiring and motivating. A great match is a Five, their enthusiasm for life and need for change will keep a Nine feeling satisfied.

Family is important for a Nine, but they may feel a bit distant from them as a child. They may realize at a young age that they’re actually more mature than the adults around them. It’s important to learn to parent yourself. Nines will benefit from a close relationship with family as they age.

Disadvantages to a Nine include a bit of a superiority complex. It can be hard to fit in when you see everyone else as immature and silly. Watch out for becoming a doormat, helping others is wonderful but not when it hurts yourself.

Advice for Nines: lighten up a little! It’s okay if things aren’t perfect. Keep your unusual perspective on life, don’t give into societal expectations. Find your passion and feed it regularly.

This is the last of the Life Path series! What would you like to see me cover next? I am thinking Expression numbers.

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