Minor Arcana

The most important part of reading Tarot is your intuition, in my opinion. Nothing beats it! I have the best readings when I just spout off whatever pops into my head looking at the cards. But, it doesn’t hurt to have a foundation of the symbology. Especially if you ever feel a little stuck looking at a spread.

The Minor Arcana includes all of the suit cards, Wands/Clubs, Swords/Daggers, Pentacles/Coins, Cups/Chalices. Generally you’ll see Ace through Ten, Page, Knight, Queen and King.

Each has its own symbology, you can actually just sort of add it together to get a meaning. King (power) + Swords (thoughts) = Powerful thoughts.

But when you do that, I think it can become a crutch. So I prefer to stick to just the symbols behind the suits. Leaving the rest to intuition.

Chart of Suits

Let’s start with Wands. They represent Fire and Decisions. In my opinion, they often represent passion as well. They’re the fastest moving suit, in other words if you see a Wand in a spread, whatever it is telling you is affecting the querent NOW. If it’s in a future placement, you can be sure it’s the very near future.

Next up is Swords, they represent Air and Thought. They can also represent power in my experience. They’re the second-fastest moving suit. So, if you see a Sword in a spread and the querent says it doesn’t apply to them, you know it will very soon.

Cups are representative of Water and Emotions. They have a tendency to reveal someone’s deepest desires. They move a bit on the slower side. A Cup in a spread indicates that something is building and it will come to a head eventually.

Finally, Pentacles. They represent Earth and physicality. They often represent money in a very literal way. The slowest moving suit, Pentacles in a spread may never come to fruition. They’re the most dependent on current actions. A Pentacle in a future position is a warning or a hope, the other cards are needed to show how to get there or avoid it.

So there you go, a crash course in Minor Arcana Symbology. There’s more to it than this, so I highly encourage you to research it. But this should give a good backbone to your readings.

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