Continuing with the Elder Futhark, this little rune made its way out of the bag today. As with all runes, though tiny it may be its meaning is anything but. This one deals with fate and the unknown.

Perthro represents the letter P, its literal meaning is “unknown.” It symbolizes fate and the unknowable, destiny. When this rune comes up, it means the Universe is bringing something (or someone!) into your life.

Perthro and other runes

It can also represent the concept of guessing, pattern recognition and coincidence. Basically, if you see this rune… prepare to wait!

Even more interestingly, it can also symbolize luck (good or bad) and gambling. If you’ve been inclined to take a risk lately, this rune warns you to consider it more carefully. While you may feel in control, fate has a part to play.

It is generally considered to be a good omen, things will work out… just not necessarily in the way you intended!

I do have a lot of unknown in my life right now, so Perthro seems fitting. Maybe I should reassess and cut back on my risk taking. I have a lot on my plate right now, actually it’s more like a waitress struggling to hold several plates and some seem more precarious than others. But I digress, this is a good reminder to plan for the future as well as possible but keep in mind that it can change at any moment.

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