The most versatile of crystals, Quartz (also known as Chalcedony) can do amazing things for you. It happens to be one the most abundant minerals on the planet so it’s easy and inexpensive to find. It’s everywhere you look, from rivers to beaches to desert sand. It’s extremely durable, quartz sand in used in glass making, even fiberglass!

Quartz is also used in electronics, though most quartz used for that purpose is grown in a lab. For the most effective healing, you’ll want to stick with natural quartz. In it’s fine grain form, quartz can be found in everything from toothpaste to rubber!

Quartz variations

Clear Quartz

What you probably picture when hearing “Quartz,” clear quartz has an extremely high vibration and is most often used to raise your own vibration. It amplifies positive energy and diminishes negative. This should be your first step when getting into crystal healing.


Did you know Amethyst is actually a form of Quartz? Shocking, I know! Amethyst has amazing healing properties, particularly for the crown chakra. If you’re looking to connect with the divine, this is a great crystal to have around.

Rose Quartz

Found in shades of pink, rose quartz is closely associated with love and affection. If you need to heal your heart chakra or bring more love into your life, this is the crystal for you.


Another gemstone we tend to think of on its own that is actually a form of Quartz! It’s really amazing just how versatile quartz is. Citrine is generally yellow in color, linking it to the solar plexus chakra. Known for its ability to increase clarity, reach for this gemstone when things are unclear.


Yes, Jasper is actually Quartz! Another versatile stone, Jasper comes in many varieties. It has a high vibration, making it an excellent choice to generate more energy. You’re most likely to see it with some banding or mottling, it comes in many colors including white, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown, grey and black. Sellers often make up names for different varieties so that they can sell them at a higher cost, so do a little research before investing. It’s a very common stone so the price should be reasonable!


Another popular and versatile form of Quartz. Agate is always banded, and sometimes iridescent. It comes in many colors and has beautiful details. It’s often sold in slabs or slices, as the outer edges are not as pretty to look at as the interior banding. It can also be purchased as a tumbled stone. It’s common to see slices that are thin enough to be partially translucent, try keeping one near a window. The light shining through the stone has an amazing, calming effect.

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