Aries Season

It’s my time of year! My birthday is in mid-April making me an Aries. If you’re also an Aries baby, you are probably feeling activated and empowered right now like I am. If you’re not, ask yourself why. This is YOUR SEASON. Yeah, things are stressful right now. It’s definitely affecting me to some extent, but only as much as I let it.


Even if you’re not an Aries, you can benefit from the Sun in Aries! Here’s some effects to expect and the best ways to take advantage of them:


So uh… anyone else having an abnormal amount of sexy dreams lately? You can thank Mars for this! This is the season of lust, let it overwhelm you. If you’re having any issues in that department, invest in a chunk of heart shaped Selenite. Hold it tightly and think sexy thoughts.


So you just threw down $300 on Amazon and you have no idea what you purchased or why? Thanks, Aries. While it can definitely get out of control, try to enjoy the chaotic energy. Pursue a hobby you had forgotten about or take up a new one. Take a different direction when walking your dog. Whatever impulsive thoughts you’re having, trust them as long as they don’t put you or anyone else in danger.


Fighting the urge to tell your boss to take this job and shove it? Welcome to being an Aries! It’s pretty much how we feel all the time. This is the one effect I would say you need to fight with. Put your filter in place and keep it there, the urge to scream at everyone and everything will pass.


You are feeling yourself! And if you’re not, why the hell aren’t you? This is the time to embrace yourself, flaws and all. Let that Fire energy take over and shine. Don’t dwell on the negativity because it will snowball. Aries encourages you to do everything with gusto, whether good or bad. So make it positive!


Snapping at every little thing? Yeah, the pandemic is a large part of it but all this fiery energy is exacerbating the problem. Keep that filter in place, but don’t ignore your feelings. Any time you get stressed, write it down. Look at it at least an hour later, is it still bothering you? If so, find a tactful way to bring it up. But if not, you avoided an unnecessary argument, good job!

Enjoy this energy while it lasts, it won’t be much longer. Focus on the positive and believe in yourself.

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