This is a powerful rune, it represents “Thurses” which means Giants. It can mean there is something huge going on in your life. It can also mean there is a giant influence affecting you.

ᚦ Thurisaz (Thurs) is also known as thorn, it is the sound “th.” Representing giants, it is closely associated to Loki in his giant form.

Thurisaz carved on a wooden rune

Just as an aside, how gorgeous are my new runes? I’m in love with them!

Back to Thurisaz and how this applies to my current situation… I’m not sure to be totally honest. Today doesn’t feel like a particularly epic day. It can also represent aggression, conflict and male sexuality. Can’t say I’m experiencing any of that!

It also has an energy of self-empowerment, now that is interesting. I have been feeling very empowered lately. But maybe this is saying that I need to take it to the next level. Or perhaps, it’s a warning. Maybe if I become too empowered, it will become aggressive and chaotic.

I guess time will tell what this signifies for me! What’s your interpretation? Leave a comment below.

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