Why you should stop burning Sage

Are you regularly burning sage in your home? Stop it. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… but whyyyyyyy? I love cleansing my home and my life. I need to do it to feel better. But, you really don’t.

Here’s why you should stop burning Sage:

Sage removes EVERYTHING. It’s the nuclear bomb of cleansing. Every spirit, every ounce of the divine is gone when you sage an area. Yes, that includes your (deceased) grandma who came by to check on you.

When you cleanse with Sage, it’s all gone.

So, what do you do? There’s obviously something going wrong in the energy of your home or you wouldn’t be researching this.

Florida water (https://www.originalbotanica.com/blog/florida-water-uses-rituals-spells/) is a great alternative. It removes negative spirits and leaves positive energy untouched. It won’t harm an ethereal hair on Grandma’s spiritual head.

Holy water (you can make it yourself!) or holy oil is another alternative.

Holy water in a church
Holy water

Even just salting your doorway can be hugely beneficial.

Just please, stop with the Sage.

I won’t even get into the potential negative health effects of burning anything. But, if you have asthma or any other lung issue you should really look into it.

From a spiritual point of view, Sage is like an antibiotic… it clears out everything. Yes, it will absolutely get rid of what is bothering you, but at the expense of good things as well.

Just like an antibiotic, there are probably times when burning Sage is called for. But at that point, you should be involving professionals… not doing it yourself! There’s a reason you can’t prescribe your own medications and Sage is no different. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

On top of all this, if those aren’t enough reasons to convince you; the effects of Sage only last a few days at most. So you’re setting off a spiritual bug bomb in your house that will keep back the creepy crawlies for 72 hours at the max. What’s the point?

There are better ways. Salt, holy water, holy oil, Florida water, horseshoes, etc. There are so many non-harmful alternatives!

Look into those options, or subscribe to my mailing list if you’re interested as I plan to keep posting more details about these alternatives.

Just whatever you do… stop burning Sage!

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