Creativity Spell to reignite your imagination

Writer’s block, the dreaded curse. I was feeling it this morning. Then it hit me, a creativity spell! Surely, that will get my imagination going. So here it is, and hopefully it helps you with any blockages that are holding you back!

What you’ll need for this creativity spell:

  • Yellow candle
  • Lavender
  • Ashwaghanda
  • Citrine
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Notebook and pen
  • Chalice (or some other container)
  • Small bag (preferably blue)
  • Muse figure (optional)
  • Mortar and Pestle (optional)

The steps:

To start the creativity spell; light the candle and relax. Stare at the flame and let your mind wander. As it wanders, start writing down whatever thoughts come to you. Even if they are silly, because no one else is going to read this so just go for it. Once you feel tapped out, it’s time to start the spell!

Take your herbs and smash them up, if you don’t have a Mortar and Pestle; that’s fine! Just use a spoon and whatever container you’re using. This will help to unlock their scents, let them fill your nose. If any new thoughts come to you, write them down.

a leather journal
My favorite journal

Put the stones in the chalice or container, then add the herbs, and swirl it around. Look at it, what shapes do you see? Write it down because we’re waking up our creative muscles.

Drip some wax into your mix of herbs and crystals. At this point, it’s time to get weird with it. I like to swish around a white feather, through the flame and over my chalice. Maybe you like to dance or sing. Do whatever feels right. Meditation works well for a lot of people. Whatever it is, listen to your intuition. Then write! Absolutely anything you think or feel is fine.

If you have a figure to gaze at, now would be a good time. I purchased a printable of the Greek muses as paper dolls and placed them on my altar. Each one provoked a different feeling for me and I wrote them all down. If you don’t have anything to use for this, stare into a mirror, be your own muse. Write down your thoughts.

Wrapping things up:

As the candle melts, close your eyes and listen to your intuition. Is it telling you to meditate? To sing? To write more? Maybe it’s telling you to take a nap! Whatever it is, trust that feeling. Just make sure to keep any eye on the candle as it burns down.

Once the candle has finished (or if you’ve gotten too impatient to wait for it) snuff it, if needed. At this point, I like to ring a bell to signify that the spell has been cast. You could clap or snap your fingers, or do nothing. Whatever feels right.

Take the crystals, herbs and wax, place them all in the bag. Close it up and keep it in your creative space. If you’re a writer, keep it near your computer. Hoping to have more interesting dreams? Keep it under your pillow or in a nightstand. If you’re an artist, tie it to your easel. Just keep it in your creative work space, that’s all that matters.

Happy creating!

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