How to cleanse your home without Sage

You may have read my post about the dangers of burning Sage. If you haven’t, check it out! If you have read it, then you’re probably wondering what to do instead. I’ve got you covered. Here are some simple and easy ways to cleanse your home without Sage.

Some alternatives to Sage to cleanse your home:

Florida water

When you purchase this, make sure it’s the real thing made from essential oils. The ones made with artificial scents may smell lovely, but they do nothing. There’s a major brand… I won’t name names but they make a very nice smelling, completely useless version of Florida water. Avoid it.

To use it, just spritz it! It’s really that easy, you can do it in the four corners of a room or anywhere you feel the energy is a bit dark. Don’t hesitate to use it as a cologne either, that’s what it was originally intended for it and it works well.

Holy water

You can get this from any church but I wouldn’t recommend that route. The vessels used to store it are not the cleanest. The better option is to use spring water and bless it yourself. When you have it ready to go, blessing your home is easy.

Use it the same way you would Florida water, the four corners are great. Using it around doorways and windows helps as well.

Holy oil

Made from extra virgin olive oil, this is something you can make yourself as well. But it’s probably better to buy it as it generally comes from some seriously old trees that are full of magical power.

To use it, swipe a bit of it at the top of every entry into your home. You can even mark a sigil with it, if you’re so inclined. Don’t forget the garage door!


Yes, salt. Any kind will do, even table salt. Kosher salt does seem to work a bit better as it has been blessed. But you can bless the salt yourself, intent is what matters here!

There are a few options with salt. You can put it at the entries into your house, just a line across the threshold. You can use it at the four corners of your property, or you can even create an outline of the entire property. If you are worried about it being wiped away, don’t. The intent stays regardless.

But, if you want to guarantee the salt will stay in place, you can unscrew the metal threshold in your doorway, sprinkle a line of salt under it and screw it back down. If you’re going to go this route, I recommend putting some cinnamon there as well. Not for it’s magical properties, simply because it helps to repel ants!

And there you go, some simple ways to bless and cleanse your home without resorting to the atomic bomb that is Sage. Happy witching!

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