The Universe does have a sense of humor

Someone recently commented on my Facebook post that I joke I made “you’ve tried love and light, now it’s time to get dark” was taking it too far. She went on to say that I was either evil or a charlatan. I decided to ignore that bit and just explain that it was intended to be tongue-in-cheek.

She responded by saying “The Universe doesn’t understand tongue-in-cheek.” I was taken aback. How could the Universe not understand something?

How could anyone think that the all-knowing all-encompassing Universe would fail to understand humor? I was a bit horrified to be quite honest.

The Universe understands humor, it invented it after all. And it loves humor. Think about your life for a second, think about a time when irony slapped you in the face.

That’s the Universe having a bit of fun!

Recently I had LASIK eye surgery, and I was a bit nervous before the procedure. I had been receiving a lot of signs from Odin at the time and I couldn’t shake the feeling that he might think it was fun to cause me to lose sight in one of my eyes.

After all, why wouldn’t a deity like Odin want to be twinsies with me?

After the procedure, they checked out my eyes. The doctor suddenly left the room after looking at my left eye and went to get another doctor for a second opinion. Needless to say, I was terrified.

Turns out that eye just wasn’t pulling the incision closed as tightly as they would like. They put a contact over it and sent me on my merry way. Odin had decided to let me be!

That was the Universe playing with me. It knew I was paranoid, so why not twist the knife a bit? Just a bit of dark humor.

So the next time you’re in a similar situation, just remember that the Universe does indeed have a sense of humor and it may be screwing with you a little, but things will fall back into place.

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