How I became a Witch

“I’m a witch.”  It’s not something you hear very often, so I thought I’d go ahead and put it out there in case the title didn’t make it abundantly clear. 

I practice witchcraft.  I cast spells and read runes and tarot cards, I hoard crystals and herbs.  I study astrology and numerology.  Basically, if it’s witchy… I’m into it.

Now, I wasn’t always a witch.  I was actually raised in a fairly religious household.  In middle school, I joined a “youth group” which seemed cool at first. 

We made rosaries; I love crafting so that was fun.  And we visited nursing homes; I loved hearing the stories of the residents.  The other kids were nice, and we all had a great time.

But there was a rumor going around about a video.  It was known that when you had been around for a while, you would have to watch it.  Those that had seen it kept quiet about it, but afterwards they seemed sad and more mature.

And then one day, it was my turn to watch the video.  There were about 6 of us in the room, some hiding behind pillows, prepared for the worst.  But I sat there blankly and awaited my fate.

And then it happened.  The video was worse than I had imagined.  It was designed to invoke fear and disgust in us.

It featured doctors discussing horror stories of abortions, footage of fetuses in dumpsters.  It went into great detail about late-term abortion and how grotesque it was.  By the time it was over I hated anyone who had even considered abortion, including my mother.

It riled us up so much that when we were told we would be protesting at an abortion clinic nearby, we all answered, “yes, of course I want to do that!”  These were monsters, as far as we knew.  And monsters should be protested.

So, I went.  I handed out pamphlets and glared at the women entering the clinic.  It probably made them feel terrible, worse than they already did, to be judged by a young teen.

Within a few weeks, the spell started to wear off for my friend and me.  We stopped going to the events.  Stopped discussing God at all.

A year or so later, I found out being an Atheist was an option and I jumped on board immediately.  Growing up in the neighborhood that I did, no one ever discussed the option that God might not exist, you just believed.  What was there to discuss?

And so, I continued, angry and bitter and full of spite.  I mocked anyone who dared tell me they believed in God.  “What idiots,” I thought.  They believed in some old man in the sky who grants wishes, ridiculous.

I told myself I was happy, but there was an emptiness there.  I ignored it, filled it with alcohol and bad behavior and kept moving.  You can’t get hurt if you don’t feel, right?

I continued this way, drunk and robotic for years.  And years.  Honestly, more years than I care to admit.  Until one day, something happened.

What exactly happened, I don’t really know.  But like a floodgate opening, spirituality came pouring out of me.  I had been interested in Tarot cards for a long time, I occasionally asked the Universe for signs and even dabbled with calling myself Agnostic.

But even with all that, there was still an emptiness and a stubborn unwillingness to admit that anything supernatural might exist.  Until one day, it was gone.  This would be a much better story if I could tell you why it happened, but I really don’t know.

I went from an analytical Atheist with a master’s degree in Data Analytics to a card-carrying witch overnight.  That’s not an exaggeration, I actually do have business cards.

And I couldn’t be happier!  The world feels new again, knowing that there’s something out there bigger than me and I have the ability to communicate with whatever it is.

I’ve talked to different deities, the Universe itself, my spirit guide.  And from what I can gather, it’s all real.  At least to some extent, certain books that I won’t name were written by those seeking to control others rather than educate.  Those are a bit slanted and shouldn’t be taken literally.

But yeah, if you’ve heard of it; it probably exists.  How cool is that?  Magic is real.

I’ve learned to control it and help others to control it as well.  Unlocking powerful intuition and manifestation abilities.  Just being straight up magical.

I learn more everyday and I love sharing it.  That’s why I started a blog, I wanted to have a witchy encyclopedia of everything cool I ran into.  Now my main focus is course creation, I’d eventually like to help everyone unlock their powers.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we were all consciously doing magic.  We’re all already doing it, just not controlling it.  Once you learn to control it, amazing things happen.

So, that’s the story of how I got to witchery.  I spent some time being brainwashed by a religious cult, went on to be an Atheist for years and then one day woke up to see just how big the Universe is. 

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