Working with Hades

So, it’s been a while. I haven’t done a spell in ages. So, why not work with one of the scarier deities to top it all of? Hades has a reputation for being fussy. And I can definitely see that. But so far, he seems cool. And I really need some help so *fingers crossed*

Spell for Whatever the Hell you want

What you’ll need:

  • Black candle
  • Mint
  • Passion fruit flower (dried)
  • Graveyard dirt
  • Black salt
  • Clear quartz
  • Obsidian
  • Cypress oil
  • White feather
  • A knife
  • Small bag (preferably black or purple)
  • Chalice (optional)
  • Money totem (optional — I used a turtle)
  • Mortar and pestle (optional)
  • Tarot cards (optional — I used Santa Muerte)

The Beginning

I started off by pulling a card from the Santa Muerte Tarot card deck to see if now was a good time. Two of coins! Yes, we are on the same page! I got my stuff together and started grinding the herbs. Then I realized I hadn’t lit the candle yet so I did that and went back to the herbs.

I added 7 drops of Cypress oil. Why seven? I.have.no.idea. You might need to use another amount but 7 was very clear to me so I went with it!

I ground up the herbs and oil thoroughly, thinking about what I wanted. Which in this case is for our offer on a house to go through. We need to come up with a ton of money for the downpayment so I’m taking all the help I can get, as risky as it may be!

I made small talk with Hades, like you do. Then it got a little weird. I scraped some dead skin from my palm with a knife into the herb mixture. It just felt right. If it feels too weird for you, you may be able to skip it. Ask Hades! He’ll happily let you know.

The middle

I moved the feather around the candle a bit, like I always do. I stared at the money totem — a turtle in this case. I thought deeply about what I wanted to accomplish and thanked Hades for being a bro.

And then, I moved the herb mixture and crystals into my chalice and inhaled deeply. I dripped some wax into it. When I felt like everything was aligned, I ended the spell. Of course, I forgot to ring the bell because I am out of practice. But I did remember to put the candle out!

The End

I moved everything from the chalice into my spell bag. Then I pulled 3 more cards. I asked Hades, “how do you feel today?” “did you like my spell?” and “will you help me?”

Herbs and tarot cards
Ingredients and finished spell with Tarot spread

Page of Pentacles – Hades is feeling thirfty — oh no! I hoped that he would be generous with me anyway.

Ace of Swords – he seems to be feeling my new ideas so that’s positive!

Queen of Swords – success! I definitely interpret this card as me winning what I want. Especially given that she’s in a field and the house we’re buying is on a 2 acre lot.

So overall, I feel pretty good. Yes, it is intimidating to work with Hades. But I’m getting good vibes from him. As long as I don’t make him jealous, I think we’ll be okay!

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