How did I get here?

I’ve always been a bit “witchy” for lack of a better word. Random premonitions, odd dreams, a fascination with astrology. I was always the “weird” kid. I discovered numerology as a teenager and became obsessed. I’d always loved numbers, so learning that there was a secret meaning behind them excited me to no end.

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How I became a Witch

“I’m a witch.”  It’s not something you hear very often, so I thought I’d go ahead and put it out there in case the title didn’t make it abundantly clear. 

I practice witchcraft.  I cast spells and read runes and tarot cards, I hoard crystals and herbs.  I study astrology and numerology.  Basically, if it’s witchy… I’m into it.

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The Universe does have a sense of humor

Someone recently commented on my Facebook post that I joke I made “you’ve tried love and light, now it’s time to get dark” was taking it too far. She went on to say that I was either evil or a charlatan. I decided to ignore that bit and just explain that it was intended to be tongue-in-cheek.

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How to cleanse your home without Sage

You may have read my post about the dangers of burning Sage. If you haven’t, check it out! If you have read it, then you’re probably wondering what to do instead. I’ve got you covered. Here are some simple and easy ways to cleanse your home without Sage.

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Creativity Spell to reignite your imagination

Writer’s block, the dreaded curse. I was feeling it this morning. Then it hit me, a creativity spell! Surely, that will get my imagination going. So here it is, and hopefully it helps you with any blockages that are holding you back!

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How to learn Tarot quickly with the Easy Tarot Lesson

So maybe you’ve been reading the Tarot for a while now but you feel stuck in your readings. Or maybe you’re brand new and have no idea where to start! Either way, I have a solution. My Easy Tarot Lesson will make it… well, easy to learn!

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