Aries Season

It’s my time of year! My birthday is in mid-April making me an Aries. If you’re also an Aries baby, you are probably feeling activated and empowered right now like I am. If you’re not, ask yourself why. This is YOUR SEASON. Yeah, things are stressful right now. It’s definitely affecting me to some extent, but only as much as I let it.

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The most versatile of crystals, Quartz (also known as Chalcedony) can do amazing things for you. It happens to be one the most abundant minerals on the planet so it’s easy and inexpensive to find. It’s everywhere you look, from rivers to beaches to desert sand. It’s extremely durable, quartz sand in used in glass making, even fiberglass!

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Why your affirmations are not working

You’ve probably heard of “affirmations” and “mantras”, maybe you’ve heard “manifesting” as well. But how the hell do you do it? Sure, it sounds easy… just think what you want and you’ll get it! But you’ve probably tried that with no success. Your affirmations are not working. I’m here to tell you what you really need to do to make it work.

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Interviewing a Deck

It’s very important to interview your deck. Some will also tell you to cleanse it and sleep with it under your pillow for some length of time before you even pull cards. That’s a bit much in my opinion! But a good shuffle and an interview go a long way.

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Minor Arcana

The most important part of reading Tarot is your intuition, in my opinion. Nothing beats it! I have the best readings when I just spout off whatever pops into my head looking at the cards. But, it doesn’t hurt to have a foundation of the symbology. Especially if you ever feel a little stuck looking at a spread.

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