Two/Eleven Life Path

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. Oh, and did I mention relationships? Twos are people who need people. They can feel others emotions strongly. If you’re an Eleven life path, that master number implies magical ability so there’s a good chance you are an empath.
*Everything applies to Eleven, but I will be using “Two” from here on out.

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Amethyst Runes

Someone recently told me that my Crown Chakra is out of alignment. Obviously, I freaked out. I bought an amethyst point and Googled like a woman possessed. I was also drawn to an amethyst set of runes. So I picked them up, thinking maybe they could tell me how to clean up my chakra.

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Let’s talk a little about this rune, shall we? It keeps popping up for me. Interestingly enough, it’s all about inheritance and property and I recently went through the process of buying a house only to take the option out. It’s been nagging at me, did I make the right decision?

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