Easy Unlock Intuition Worksheet

Even if you think you’ve never done magic before, you have.  You may think it’s not real, that it only exists in movies, TV and books.  But you’re doing magic every day!  You’re just not controlling it.

You are creating your own reality and unfortunately… you’re doing a poor job of it.

But that’s okay, no one ever told you it was your responsibility.  Now you know, and every choice you make from here on out is with the knowledge that you are in control.

The first step is to download the “Easy Unlock Intuition Worksheet,” it’s just $10… or you can get it for FREE by signing up for the mailing list!

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Still not sure you’re calling the shots?  Here’s the proof:

In a study performed at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in California, Dr. Masaru Emoto asked participants to send their emotions towards bottles of water.  Though, I’m sure they were a little confused, the participants did as they were asked and imagined emotions while staring at the water.  The results were shocking!  The water exposed to positive thoughts showed beautiful crystals under a microscope.

A beautiful crystal seen in water exposed to thoughts of love.

But the water exposed to negative thoughts either had no crystals at all, or they were misshapen and ugly.

An ugly crystal seen in water exposed to thoughts of homicide.

For more information about Dr. Emoto, click here.


Think about it, you’re made up of 60% water.  That’s more than half of your body that is reacting to your thoughts, whether positive or negative.

Every time you think “I’ll never succeed in my career” or “I’ll never find love” you are making sure it’s true.  You are training your magical, watery body to live in a state of crystal-less misery.

Stop doing it!

Retrain your mind to fix your life and heal your body.  Even if you don’t sign up for lessons with me, I want you to promise you’ll start thinking more positively today!

So, how do you get started?  There are several options:

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Or, do nothing.  Accept that your life will never improve.  But, and I’m begging you… please don’t do that.  You ARE MAGICAL and you have THE POWER to create the life you deserve.