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But this is no ordinary up-sell! If you’re interested in learning to read the Tarot keep reading. If not, feel free to bounce!

Easy Tarot Lesson

Cool, you’re still here. Tarot is awesome. I love doing readings for myself and others. But if you’re having a hard time learning, it’s probably not so fun.

I’ve heard from a lot of clients that they would love to learn to read the Tarot for themselves but it’s too time-consuming or difficult. So I created the Easy Tarot Lesson!

The content itself takes an hour to get through. You have an hour, right? The average person has 4 hours of free time a week so I’m sure you can squeeze it in.

But take as long as you need, pause, rewind, fill in your thoughts in the included worksheet as you go along. It’s like Tarot Cliffs Notes and a Tarot Journal all-in-one.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out the link below for more details… BUT BEFORE YOU GO…

Use this code for a one-time $14 discount. That takes the price down to only $20!


Seriously, just $20 to learn Tarot? That’s less than the price of the average Tarot deck and you can start without a deck. Go through the lessons and the included buying guide before picking one up.

And I didn’t even mention the secret bonus… you’re going to love it though.

So, to wrap things up… you can learn to read the Tarot for yourself and others, predict the future and get deeper insight into your current situation. All with only one hour of effort and for only $20. Oh, and at the end you’ll have a completed Tarot Journal for reference as well as that secret bonus item.

If you’re still not convinced, I’d love to know why! I think this is a great deal, but I’m open to feedback. You can click the chat box on the right side of the page to talk with me now or fill out the form below. Thanks for your time!

Here’s that link one more time…

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