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  • How did I get here?
    I’ve always been a bit “witchy” for lack of a better word.
  • Numerology
    Numerology was my gateway drug into witchcraft. Magical numbers that reveal who you are and what will happen to you? Sign me up!
  • Tarot
    Reading tarot is easy to learn but difficult to master. One thing that I really want people to know is that what you get from the card is more important than its accepted meaning.
  • Crystals
    The energy from crystals is very powerful, especially after being charged under a full moon. You can carry one with you, use them in a spell, or just look at them because they’re so pretty.
  • Astrology
    Your sun sign is who you are, your moon is how you feel inside and your rising sign is how you present yourself.
  • Runes
    Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet. Rune actually means mystery, secret or whisper! They date back to 100 B.C.E.

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